• Opening Time : 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

The sun’s rays of Nooruz in the fire of colors of Holi: a festival of flowers and sun

March 21 within the walls of SSU named after. Pitirim Sorokin held a festive concert dedicated to the holidays of Nooruz and Holi. Its organizers were foreign students from near and far abroad.

Vice-Rector for Youth Policy of SSU named after S.V. made a welcoming speech. Pitirim Sorokina Dmitry Popov . He noted that it is very important to get to know each other’s culture. Among the guests of the concert was the head of the International Department of SSU named after. Pitirim Sorokina Svetlana Obshanskaya . She presented the students with letters of gratitude from the House of Peoples’ Friendship. The concert was also attended by the university’s partner from India, Ajit Kumar Yadav .


The children demonstrated various cultural traditions and national customs of the participating countries. The students amazed the audience with their colorful dances, musical performances and traditional songs. Each performance was filled with love and passion for their culture. The audience supported the performances of foreign students with loud applause.


The holiday became a real event of meeting and understanding the differences that united students from different countries in a single creative space. This allowed them to show their culture, traditions and customs. This way the children will be able to preserve their national heritage in a new environment.


Participation in such events helps international students feel accepted and included in the university community. Students exchange experiences and strengthen interpersonal connections.

The concert left an unforgettable impression and inspired all those present to further study and immerse themselves in the diversity of world culture.

Based on materials from the Center for Patriotic Education and Interethnic Cooperation
Photo by Alina Zadesenets


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