• Opening Time : 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

A parade of cultures and languages ​​was held at the House of Friendship of the Peoples of Komi

On the eve of the International Mother Language Day, representatives of national and cultural public organizations and Syktyvkar youth took part in the creative meeting “Mother Language is the Soul of the People,” the House of Friendship of Peoples of the Republic of Kazakhstan reported.

The guests were greeted by the director of the House of Friendship, head of the Regional Branch of the Assembly of Peoples of Russia, chairman of the Public Chamber of the Komi Republic Grigory Khatanzeisky. He noted that language is not only a means of communication, but our culture, identity, traditions. It is the link between the past, present and future.


“Keep and enhance your native language with honor and dignity,” Grigory Khatanzeisky addressed the audience.

The highlight of the event were the performances by students of Syktyvkar State University. P. Sorokin, who came from India, Nigeria, Egypt, Uzbekistan and Nepal to the capital of Komi to receive education. They read out poems in languages ​​such as Bengali, Rajasthani, Arabic, Yoruba, Tajik, Nepali, etc. The unusual sound delighted the audience, and they gave the speakers thunderous applause.


The evening was not complete without the official languages ​​of our northern region. The head of the ensemble “Gulyanochka” Vladimir Troshev performed the song “Oh, how the heart wants” in Russian, and People’s Artist of the Komi Republic Vasily Rochev performed the work “Micha Izhemka” in Komi.


Children’s joy was added by the young participants of the vocal studio at the Honored Folk Art Group of the Russian Federation, the exemplary Song and Dance Ensemble “Sigudok”.


After the creative meeting, the guests visited a language fair, where they immersed themselves in the linguistic culture of Ust-Tsil, Izhma, Perm, Ukrainians, Jews and Belarusians.

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