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Foreign students visited the Center for Public Video Observation of the voting process

On March 16, foreign students studying at SSU named after. Pitirim Sorokin, visited the Center for Public Video Observation of the voting process in the presidential elections and received comprehensive information about how elections are held in the Russian Federation and how their transparency is ensured.



Executive Director of the Komi Public Chamber, expert of the Independent Public Monitoring Association Alexandra Afonina told students how video surveillance was organized, emphasizing that this indicates the openness of the election procedure.


Graduate student Pavan Appikatla noted that he was grateful for the opportunity to witness such a big event that could potentially change the course of the world:


— The brightness of the event, which can change the future of the country, is immeasurable. The presidential elections in Russia were organized in such a complex and systematic manner that it is impressive. After all, elections are not only a right, but also a national duty for a better future for the country. The organizations and people who are working to make this election a success and the efforts they are making are to be commended. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to witness this massive event.

— I am glad that I had the opportunity to observe the elections of the President of the Russian Federation. A visit to the Election Observation Center in Syktyvkar allowed me to learn about the process before, during and after the elections. A transparency system with online chat for comments and complaints makes the process even more interesting for citizens. This clearly demonstrates the government’s commitment to ensuring that citizens have faith in the voting system and are committed to exercising their civic responsibility. I think it’s great that the Public Chamber gives people the opportunity to learn about these processes ,” commented 3rd year student Elizabeth Akinwale .

— I am grateful for the opportunity to learn in more detail the procedure for holding presidential elections in the Russian Federation. I believe that everyone should visit the CCTV Center ,” said 3rd year student Shivam Yadav.

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