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Career Counseling

After significant milestones in education, every student faces one question, and that is, “what’s next?” Career counseling is structured to help those students who are confused about which career path to choose and university to study in. We, at Triangle Consultancy, have the best overseas MMBS education consultants. Since taking up a higher education program in a foreign country is a very big decision, therefore, before making the best career choice, our consultants conduct one to one sessions to understand and assess the personal requirements of every student. Students who look for oversees education always aims to study in an internally recognized university. We help every student in choosing the best university based on their interests, academic profiles, and available finances.

Admission Guidance

So you have finally decided your career path, great! But this is not where your job ends. You need to go through the admission process. The MBBS admission process in Philippines differs from university to university. Therefore, getting through the process can be confusing and tedious. But don’t worry! We are here for you! Being a leading company in the field of education consultancy, we provide students the updated information on the admission acceptance rates, criteria, committee expectations and merit scale of all the top medical colleges of the Philippines. We also help students in completing their applications and ensuring whether all the documents are complete for admissions or not. Since we aim to make the admission process simple and stress-free, therefore, on behalf of students, we also coordinate with the admission office of the institutes.

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Visa Assistance

Once you receive the admission letter from your desired university, the next step is to apply for the visa. Just like the MBBS admission process in Philippines differs from university to university, the process of a visa application also varies from country to country. This makes the process quite challenging. But the visa team at Travel Consultancy is aware of all the latest developments, rules and regulations set down by Embassies and High Commissions. We provide genuine advice and guidance to widen the chances of attaining a visa with minimal hassle and stress. We separate the visa assistance process into four stages: Assistance with completing the visa application Guidance for visa documentation & file preparation Preparation for visa interview Guidance for visa file submission at the consulate In addition to these, on behalf of a student, our team also coordinates with the concerned visa office. Since we aim to give ambitious students wings to fly, therefore, at this stage, we need your little assistance. Students need to submit the documents that prove their identity, including birth certificate, education details till date, health certificate, police clearance certificate, and an assurance that the student can get funded throughout the course. The visa application should be presented along with the Notice of Acceptance (NOA) and Certificate of Eligibility for Admission (CEA) from the university.

Financial Guidance

Undoubtedly, studying abroad can be a rewarding experience, but, for some, it can be a costlier affair too. If you also fall under this category, then don’t worry! Nowadays, there are plenty of financing options for students who cannot afford their higher education fees. From scholarships to student loans, these funding sources can help students in pursuing their dreams. We, at Travel Consultancy, provide a complete guidance in considering various financing options and scholarships. We also help students in arranging educational loan from nationalized and approved banks at reasonable rates. In consultation with IBA (Indian Banker’s Association) and RBI (Reserve Bank of India), the Government of India has structured a Comprehensive Educational Loan Scheme. For studying India and foreign country, the scheme envisages a loan of up to 7.5 lakhs and 15 lakhs respectively. We even take care of students’ foreign exchange requirements. Our ties with various private FOREX merchants and banks help students to get FOREX at most reasonable rates. Students can benefit from our contacts to get demand draft, currency notes, international debit card, travellers cheques, and wire transfers.

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Pre-Departure Orientation

Going abroad to study is very different from going abroad for a short vacation. That is why we conduct a pre-departure orientation program for students who have finally got the MBBS admission in Philippines. During the program, we brief about the procedures related to international travel, and focus on how students can protect their health and security while staying in the Philippines. We also provide guidance on a new culture shock that students may face, about the institute they enroll for, and most importantly, the Dos and Dont’s of a new environment. In addition to that, we give students a chance to meet the alumni of their university so that they can get to know their experience. If the students participate in the program, it will not only help them in preparing themselves mentally but also gives them confidence in adapting to a new culture, food, weather, etc.

Travel & Accommodation Assistance

Traveling abroad for the first time? Never been to the Philippines before? Not sure how the flight experience will be? Don’t worry when you are with Travel Consultancy! We have a partnership with leading service providers who take care of all the travel needs such as air ticketing, travel insurance, and foreign exchange. Since traveling to a foreign land with no contacts can be a little daunting for students. That is why we also help students in getting accommodation in university hostel facilities. In case of non-availability of such facilities, we arrange alternative accommodations.


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